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MARS PC Rating System

Nationwide U.S. and U.S. - Canadian LTL rates

A standard rate scale

MARS is nationally recognized as a fair and reasonable base rate scale, ideally suited for rate negotiations. Based on 5 digit ZIP Codes, MARS 500 provides LTL rates between all points the continental United States. The rate scale is tailored to each region of the country to provide a standard, uniform benchmark level of rates without any hidden carrier specific adjustments which can be difficult and costly to find.

That same fair and reasonable concept is also provided in MARS 510, the international version, to address the growing business between the United States and Canada. MARS 510 provides rates based on 3 digit ZIP Codes in the U.S. and 3 digit Postal Codes in Canada. Both systems use an identical state-of-the-art user interface.

The choice of professionals

MARS rating systems are used daily by trucking companies as the main source of pricing. Shippers use MARS as a base level for negotiations with all carriers. By asking every carrier to bid using a single rate scale, shippers no longer have to compare apples to oranges to find the best rate. Transportation services often use MARS rating systems for benchmarking purposes and frequently adopt MARS as the official scale for their clients to use for rate negotiations.

1. City names are shown for origin and destination.
2. The profile name identifies discount rate level used.
3. Can be customized by Middlewest to include your logo.

Find ZIP Codes for over 60,000 cities and towns in the U.S. Just select the point then paste it into an input field with a single click.


Shipment Rating

The rating screen is clean and easy to read. Discounts, class exceptions and other user preferences can easily be preset and maintained. All input needed to rate a U.S. shipment can be entered using the 10-key pad on a keyboard. The toolbar provides access to other modules.

ZIP Code Finder

If you have trouble remembering U.S. ZIP Codes for certain cities, you will appreciate the ZIP Code finder which allows you to quickly find ZIP Codes for over 60,000 cities in the U.S.


The Exclusive Profile Editor allows users to easily manage discounts, class exceptions, and ZIP/Postal Code information for an unlimited number of accounts or locations.

Save rated shipment information

Shipment rating information can be saved for every shipment automatically, or manually for certain shipments. A variety of options allow you to create a shipment data file in the format you want.

Speed Sheets

Easily create simple one-section and compact paper-saving two-section ZIP Code rate sheets. User input information (ZIP Codes, discounts, page headings, etc.) can be saved to a file for future use. Use the Speed Sheet module to export single origin ASCII fixed length, delimited, including CSV (Excel), and print format files. (MARS 510 prints single-section Speed Sheets and files only).

Bill of Lading

Shippers can easily create a bill of lading detailing shipper, consignee and billing information, and commodities being shipped. An unlimited number of shipper and consignee address and related commodity description lists may be entered and saved.

Create bills of lading detailing carrier, shipper, consignee and billing information, and commodities being shipped. 1. Multiple shipper and consignee addresses can be set up. 2. Article descriptions are stored in templates. Individual templates can be set up for an unlimited number of shippers and consignees. 3. Print shipping labels without leaving the program.

The Speed Sheet module lets you export data files as well as print rate sheets by ZIP Code. 1.Destination ZIP Codes may be entered as ZIP ranges or even state abbreviations. 2. Include discounts and only the freight classes needed.

Other MARS related products

MARS On-Line

MARS rates are also available through our popular MARS On-Line rating system. This is an ideal solution for both occasional users and those who need access to a number of MARS release dates. Call (800) 545-7091 Ext. 244 to begin your subscription.

Middlewest Accu-Link Rating System

Middlewest Accu-Link is a server-based rating engine and rate database designed to integrate with other systems operating on any computing platform or program language. MARS 500 and 510 tariffs are among the many tariffs available for this product.
More info on Accu-Link

MWB Web Rater

The Middlewest Web Rater is the perfect solution for those instances when the rates need to be available to more users than practical by physical distribution. It can be used on a company-wide Intranet, and customized versions are available for Internet use.
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