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Accu-Link Rating System

The Accu-Link Rating System is server based rating engine and tariff database designed to integrate with enterprise rating systems operating on any computing platform including AS/400, RS/6000 and PC. The Accu-Link server resides on a PC and communicates with the enterprise system via TCP/IP using standard Windows Socket protocol. Since communications is via a TCP/IP connection, the Accu-Link server may be located at your site, or it can be located on a server within our office and accessed via the Internet, a good choice for smaller operations.

In operation, your enterprise system sends a stream of shipment data consisting of ZIP Codes, weights, classes, discounts, etc. to the Accu-Link server, which instantly rates the shipment and returns back the shipment charges, where they can be used to produce a rate quote or a rated freight bill. The format of this data can be customized to provide easy integration into any vendor's program. By utilizing Accu-Link, the entire rating process and all tariff data can reside on the PC server, eliminating the need to hire programmers to spend countless hours writing programs to access and rate the hundreds of tariffs already in the Middlewest data library that can be easily added as you need them.

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