About Us


Middlewest provides a variety of technology related services.  When you shop at Middlewest you will be impressed with our fast, friendly service, knowledgable staff, and competitive prices.  The following is a brief description of our most popular services.

Custom Programming -

Our professional programming staff combines industry specific knowledge with state-of-the-art technology to produce top-notch computer applications and data services. More Info

Internet Services -

From Web Site design to hosting your site, we expertly handle all your needs.  We offer complete design services and have the necessary experience to create a user friendly and eye-catching site.  More info 

Web Rater -

For companies needing a centralized Web-based rating system, we offer our Web rater.  It is ideally suited for carriers and logistics firms wishing to have their rates available to customers over the Internet.  It is also well suited for use on a corporate Intranet.  More info