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Rate Analysis 
Middlewest is pleased to announce our new Internet based rate analysis, the latest tool for the transportation professional.  Now you can log onto our Web Site and check rates from various popular rate scales, perform an on-line rerate, and analyze the results.

Up to 4 different rate scales can be rated simultaneously to find the lowest shipment charge between two points.  You can create your own personal shipment data file online which is maintained on our Web server for your periodic use.  You can also send us a shipment data file which we can load for your exclusive use.You might also wish to use our "market basket" data file which contains over 8,000 actual shipments between various points in the United States.

Each user is assigned a unique user name and password that allows that person to see their own company rates (if included) and other popular rate levels.  Your company rates will not be available to other users unless you desire.

The Middlewest Internet rate analysis is a free service to MWB members, and available to non-members by subscription.  New rate scales are constantly being added, so please inquire if one is not available that you need.