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Master Key
Master Key is a batch rating system desiged for PC and Mainframe computers that will streamline your rating process.  It can be used as a stand-alone batch processing system to rate hundreds of shipmets a minute from multiple tariffs, or it can be integrated with an existing software application to perform the rating function of a system.

Master Key uses common data format and access methods, so when you use it with one rate scale, additional scales can quickly be up and running by installing a Master Key update.  It opens the door to autorating many of the popular (and some not-so-popular) rate scales.  If you have shipment information that needs to be rated, you need Master Key.

Master Key for PC
In batch mode, an entire file of shipment information is quickly processed with the rated results placed in the same or a different file where they can be used by other applications.  By specifying  different tariffs, you can easily perform "what if" analysis to see the impact of using an alternate scale of rates.  Master Key can also be launced from another application to rate a single shipment and allow the results to be returned and used by the other application.

Master Key for mainframe computers
For mainframe systems, Master Key is provided as a series of program source code modules and data files which can be integrated with existing applications.  Like the PC version, it can be used to rate shipments in a batch, or called when needed to perform the rating function for a particular shipment.

Other rating system related products

PC rating systems
Master Key is completely compatible with
PC rating systems developed by Middlewest.  MARS, the benchmark rate scale, provides nationwide LTL rates between all points in the continental U.S., and MARS 510 for rating between the U.S. and Canada.  Customized PC rating systems are built to customer specifications and often contain unique rate levels, and customized features.

MWB Web Rater
Middlewest Web Rater is the perfect solution for those instances when the rates need to be available to many customers. Updates are immediately available avoiding delays and costs of physical distribution of diskettes and CD's.