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Rating Systems

Middlewest provides customized rating systems for both PC and mainframe use and we are sure to have the perfect solution for your rating needs.

When you need a customized PC rating system, look to Middlewest for a state-of-the-art solution.  Our customized Windows rating systems provide just about every asked-for feature available including:

  • Your company logo on splash screens, rating & speed sheet modules (Std)
  • Special Service charges (Opt)
  • Transit times & terminal information(Opt)
  • Bill of Lading (Std)
  • ASCII data file exports (Std)
  • Geographical service area maps (Opt)
  • On-line rules tariff (Opt)
  • Density calculator (Std)
  • Currency exchange (Std)
  • ZIP Code lookup (Std)
  • Links to your Web Site (Std)
(Std) = Standard feature
(Opt) = Optional feature

Your rates
Middlewest customized PC rating systems are the ideal solution for getting your rates into your customer's hands. We start by building your rate structure, which may include:

  • 3 or 5 digit ZIP Code nationwide or regional rating
  • Lane adjustments
  • 5 digit ZIP Code adjustments
  • Directional adjustments
Each of these are built to your exact specifications to provide the rate structure you need in a competitive environment. 

Standard Features

Shipment Rating
The rating screen is clean and easy to read.  Discounts, class exceptions and other user preferences can easily be preset and maintained.  All input needed to rate a U.S. shipment can be entered using the 10-key pad on a keyboard. The toolbar provides access to other modules.

ZIP Code Finder
If you have trouble remembering U.S. ZIP Codes for certain cities, you will appreciate the ZIP Code finder which allows you to quickly find ZIP Codes for over 60,000 cities in the U.S.

The Exclusive Profile Editor allows users to easily manage discounts, class exceptions, and ZIP/Postal Code information for an unlimited number of accounts or locations.

Save rated shipment information
Shipment rating information can be saved for every shipment automatically, or manually for certain shipments.  A variety of options allow you to create a shipment data  file in the format you want.

Speed Sheets
Easily create simple one-section and compact paper-saving two-section ZIP Code rate sheets.  User input information (ZIP Codes, discounts, page headings, etc.) can be saved to a file for future use.  Use the Speed Sheet module to export single origin ASCII fixed length, delimited and print format files. 

Bill of Lading
Shippers can easily create a bill of lading detailing shipper, consignee and billing information, and commodities being shipped.  An unlimited number of shipper and consignee address and related commodity description lists may be entered and saved.

Optional Features
A number of optional features are available with our custom built systems.  Each feature is carefully integrated to work seamlessly with the other modules in the system.  The following is a short description of the most common optional features.

Special Service charges
A variety of Special Service (a.k.a. accessorial)  charges can be included in custom built rating systems.  Charges can be individually selected and added to the total line-haul shipment charges.  A short description of each charge is included.

Direct service points
A data file of your direct service points can be included so points display as direct or joint line when rating.  This also allows different discounts to be set for direct and joint line shipments.

Geographical service area map
Service area maps can display graphically your area of operation.  Terminal locations can be shown along with address and contact information.  Maps can be color-coded to display partner territories.

On-line rules
You can have your complete, or partial rules tariff on-line to contain the details of your service standards and when additional charges may apply.  This is a convenient method to distribute the conditions of your service with your rates and helps eliminate complaints from your customers when an additional charge is billed for a service.

The finished product
After building and careful testing, the rating system is ready for production.  We provide professional CD duplication for every system we produce, complete with customized labeling and packaging, ready for distribution.  Versions are also avaliable for downloading from our ftp site which speeds the delivery to your customers and lowers the distribution cost.

Other rating system related products

Computer data
Computer data for your customized rating system is available on CD-ROM or by downloading.   The data comes in an easy to use format with detailed documentation.

Middlewest Accu-Link Rating System
Middlewest Accu-Link is a server-based rating engine and rate database designed to integrate with other systems operating on any computing platform or program language.  

Master Key
Master Key, a batch rating system, can be used to rate an entire file of shipment information in seconds.  Some carriers integrate it with an existing system (such as a billing system) to perform the rating function. You can also use Master Key to  re-rate a shipment using a different rate scale. 

MWB Web Rater
The Middlewest Web Rater is the perfect solution for those instances when the rates need to be available to many customers. Updates are immediately available avoiding delays and costs of physical distribution of CDs. 

1. City names are shown for origin and destination.
2. The profile name identifies discount rate level used.  3. Your company logo is placed in front of the customer. 

Find ZIP Codes for over 60,000 cities and towns in the U.S. Just select the point then paste it into an input field with a single click.

Service area maps are often included. Terminal locations and contact information can be displayed by clicking on a state.  We can also include maps you use in advertising.

The Speed Sheet moduld lets you export data files as well as print rate sheets by ZIP Code. 1.Destination ZIP Codes may be entered as ZIP ranges or even state abbreviations. 2. Include discounts and only the freight classes needed. 

On-line rules is a convenient method to distribute the conditions of your service with your rates and helps eliminate complaints from your customers when an additional charge is billed for a service.

Create bills of lading detailing carrier, shipper, consignee and billing information, and commodities being shipped. 1. Multiple shipper and consignee addresses can be set up. 2. Article descriptions are stored in templates.  Individual templates can be set up for an unlimited number of shippers and consignees.  3. Print shipping labels without leaving the program.