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Rate Development

Rate development, sometimes known as tariff building, is the roots of our business. With more than 60 years experience, we have the required expertise to produce customized rate scales tailored to your operation.
When creating a rate structure, we can start with any of the established popular rates scales and then begin the customization process, or we can begin with your existing rate structure. Your new rate structure may incorporate:

  • 3 or 5 digit ZIP Code nationwide or regional rating
  • Lane adjustments
  • 5 digit ZIP Code adjustments
  • Directional adjustments

Each of these are built to your exact specifications to provide the rate structure you need in a competitive environment. We can offer helpful suggestions along the way so you will be satisfied with the completed product.
When completed, the rate structure may be incorporated into several of our following systems:

Customized PC applications

Our customized PC rating applications are ideally suited to bundle with your rate scale. The rating applications provide the latest features and enjoy high customer satisfaction where ever they are used.

Accu-Link and Accu-Rate DLL

Two of our popular rating engines, Accu-Link and Accu-Rate DLL are designed to integrate with 3rd party computing systems to perform the rating function.

Master Key

Master Key, a batch rating system, can be used to rate an entire file of shipment information in seconds. It may be integrated with an existing system (such as a billing system) and called to perform the rating function only. You can also use Master Key to re-rate a shipment using a different rate scale.

MWB Web Rater

The Middlewest Web Rater is the perfect solution for those instances when the rates need to be available to many customers. Updates are immediately available avoiding delays and costs of physical distribution of CD's.