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Accu-Rate DLL Rating Engine

Keep the speed and control but lose the rating headaches.

The Accu-Rate DLL Rating Engine is an Windows ActiveX DLL that your new or existing applications can call to get the charges for a shipment. It allows you to focus your attention on the details of your own operation and not get bogged down in all of the idiosyncricies of tariff rating. And your software will run much more effeciently when the rating functions are handled locally instead of through a link to another machine. Written in Visual Basic, the DLL can be easily called by your own VB or VBA applications, as well as applications written in C.

This one rating engine can handle all of your rating needs. It can rate with current or historical data from the hundreds of tariffs we have in our tariff library. This allows your programmers to "keep it simple" when it comes to rating, eliminating the need for multiple rating engines and the problems in keeping track of what is rating what. You simply tell Accu-Rate DLL the tariff and effective date you want to use when the shipment is rated and it handles the rest.

Calling the DLL is a simple matter as well. All of the shipment data is passed in a single string of data in a specific format, keeping your code clean and neat. Accu-Rate's advanced rating features allow you to use US and Canadian ZIP Codes, multiple articles, discounting by weight groups and fuel surcharges. And your results include not just a total shipment charge, but all of the detailed line items that show exactly how the shipment was rated.

So whether you're improving your existing applications or developing brand new ones, the Accu-Rate DLL is a simple solution to the rigors of rating.

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